๐Ÿ“ˆToken Utility

Utility of the $WOFR Token

By employing the $WOFR token across these diverse facets of gameplay and ecosystem interaction, Wormfare ensures that the token is not merely a digital currency but a cornerstone of a vibrant, self-sustaining economy. This structure promotes an immersive play-to-earn model that rewards strategic gameplay, encourages economic activity, and facilitates community-driven philanthropyโ€”all within the engaging world of Wormfare.

Motivated Staking

How to Participate: Players can buy the WOFR token, starting from a minimum of $10 up to $25,000, to engage with the gameโ€™s staking mechanism.

APY Rewards: This stake entitles players to an APY that ranges from 15% to a maximum of 500%, paid out in WOFR tokens, incentivizing both small and significant contributions to the game.

Gas Fees on Polygon

- The WOFR token is also utilized to pay for gas fees on the Polygon network, leveraging the Meta Transactions standard (ERC-2771) to facilitate user transactions within the ecosystem efficiently.

In-Game Trading

As the primary medium of exchange, the WOFR token is essential for trading in-game assets such as loot boxes, unique character NFTs, and other digital goods.

Transaction Fee: Each trading transaction incurs a nominal fee, which is reinvested into the ecosystem to support sustainability and ongoing game development.

Charity Donations

Social Impact: 1% of user rewards are automatically allocated to support social organizations, reaffirming Wormfareโ€™s dedication to making a tangible impact beyond gaming.

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