💰Revenue Model

Wormfare is an innovative platform for gaming enthusiasts, providing unique opportunities to participate in user tournaments, duels, p2p trading, and in-game purchases.

User Tournaments

Wormfare will allow players to create user tournaments with prize pools, charging a fee from the prize pool. This incentivizes participation and competition among players.


Players can engage in duels with each other, with lower-ranked players able to challenge higher-ranked players. A fee will be charged from the prize pool, encouraging players to compete and improve their skills.

P2P Trading

Wormfare will facilitate peer-to-peer trading of in-game assets, imposing a 5% fee on all transactions. This includes various trading mechanics like direct trades and auctions, providing liquidity to the marketplace while generating revenue for the platform.

In-Game Purchases

Players will have the option to purchase exclusive in-game assets such as unique skins and experience boosters. These purchases will generate revenue directly for the platform while offering players opportunities for customization and enhancement of their gaming experience.

Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

Our innovative social quest system is designed to enhance self-promotion and create significant network effects. We offer tailored paid advertising solutions that are ideal for our partners and sponsors, enabling them to expand their reach and visibility effectively.

These revenue sources will contribute to the sustainability and growth of Wormfare by funding player rewards, team compensation, ongoing project development, and overall platform expansion.

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