Each skin, ability card, and accessory has its rarity. However, it works differently for each of them. Cards get stat boosts and VFX upgrades with each higher rarity to make them more unique. Accessories increase stats of card effects with higher rarities. Character's skins, on the other hand, don't give any stat boosts and can't be upgraded, they are just visual improvements.

Rarities for Cards

To upgrade the rarity of a card the player needs to collect a certain amount of duplicates of the same card and merge them into a card of higher rarity.

Rarities for Accessories

The player can have only one of each accessory and upgrade them only with the special boosters obtained on certain progression levels.

Rarities for Skins

Character skins cannot be upgraded, they are available in one singular rarity, will it be common or epic, and their rarity cannot be changed.

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