Achievements are a part of the Wormfare Progression model While enjoying our game players may obtain achievements through reaching certain milestones. For example:

  • play 100 matches, deal/resist1000 damage

  • deal/resist 100 damage in a single match

  • win 100 duels

  • reach levels 2-5, etc.

Each achievement depending on its rarity will provide users with rewards in the form of loot boxes of corresponding rarity level.

Example: dealing 1000 damage is a common achievement that will reward the player with a common loot box.

All the achievements can be seen in the player's public profile, and visible to other players. Thanks to the Wormfare Progression model all achievements are balanced in such a way that players will be capable of earning them when they reach the account level that corresponds to the Achievement's rarity.

Note: A player of a lower level still can try to get the rewards of an achievement of higher rarity, however, it may be very hard to accomplish.

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