You can expect many different types of cards in Wormfare, each of which provides its unique effect. For example, it can vary from a simple melee hit to something much more interesting, like weakening your enemy or doubling a worm's hit score.

Cards in the deck are divided by rarities, just like accessories. With each rarity, they become more powerful and animated. The ability cards are obtained by opening the loot boxes.

A player's hand is a collection of 12 ability cards picked from the player's deck before every match. Cards can be chosen during deck building and there can be 3 hands at the same time which can be modified after each game, to change up your play style.

The players can create a lot of different hands and combine them in any way they want and make them fit their style of playing. This way Wormfare never gets stale, and keeps on surprising players with unique combinations of ability cards.

Learn more about game cards and possible deck builds.

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