⚔️Combat Model

PvP battles are an essential part of Wormfare gameplay and our combat model has some decent features and specs you should know about.

One of the main features of our game is that Wormfare combat involves multiple worms fighting at the same time but in different battlefield lanes. There are 3 lanes: Top, Middle, and Bottom. The lanes do not differ mechanically. Each player has one worm per lane.

The hand of each player consists of 12 ability cards. They can affect rival worms or players directly, as well as buff your worm squad. The players draw cards from their hand at the beginning of each new combat round in such a way that the player always has a set number of cards in his hand at the start of a new round.

Action Points (AP) is an expendable resource required for activating the ability cards. Each card requires various amounts of AP to use. The AP income is stable and equals 2 per round up to a maximum amount of 10 action points at the 5th round.

The Wormfare combat lasts for 5 rounds, in each of which the players activate their abilities cards to attack the opponent, their worms, or for various buffs & debuffs.

The main feature is that opponents don't harm each other during PvP, because the players and the worms don't have health bars, and, basically are unkillable. Instead, with each successful blow players accumulate victory points, and the goal of every combat is to get more than your opponent.

After each combat, the player receives a certain amount of experience points. The more experience the user accumulates - the higher their level. And the higher the account level - the more valuable the rewards which include but are not limited to loot boxes, skins (characters), accessories, and various boosters of different rarity.

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