Motivated staking

Motivated staking, as implemented in the Quest-To-Earn mechanism with $WOFR tokens is an innovative approach to earning in cryptocurrency.

The key aspects of motivated staking:

Staking Requirements

Users must stake WOFR tokens, with a minimum of $10 and a maximum limit of $25,000.

Base Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

The starting APY is set at 15%. This is the basic return rate on the staked amount.

Quest Completion for Enhanced APY

The unique feature is the conversion of user productivity into increased APY. By completing quests, users can boost their APY.

Dynamic APY Based on Activity

The APY can soar up to a maximum of 500%. To maintain or elevate their APY, users are required to complete at least 30% of the daily quests. Failing to do so results in a decrease in APY.

Daily APY Adjustment

APY is recalculated daily, following the reward distribution. The maximum increase in APY per day is capped at 2.5%, dependent on the user's daily quest performance.

APY Limits

The system ensures that APY remains within a defined range – it cannot drop below 15% or exceed 500%.

This system effectively combines staking with active user engagement, linking the profitability of staking directly with the users' involvement in completing quests. This approach incentivizes active participation, that will lead to a more vibrant and engaged community within the ecosystem.

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