Wormfare is a collectible card game, where you can collect cards, accessories, and characters that directly affect your play style. In many ways, Wormfare is inspired by such card games as Hearthstone & Legends of Runeterra, but with our special features like implementing RPG elements such as equipment to make the gameplay even more diverse.


The game's core is a turn-based card game, where you can choose each turn what cards to use, to fight your opponent. What makes Wormfare stand out from the competitors is our lane system. We have implemented a unique combat model, where 3 characters are at play at the same time, each being situated on its lane: top, middle, or bottom.

To achieve victories in Wormfare combats the players must collect unique and powerful cards and accessories, upgrade them to higher rarities, and create unique teams and decks. In such a way any player can choose from dozens of various tactics and choose the one that suits him the best.

The visual component of the game evokes delight and feelings of nostalgia since our designers are inspired by the '90s masterpieces such as Earthworm Jim by Shiny Entertainment Studio and Boogerman by Interplay Productions. Years ago these games released on 16-bit consoles captured the minds of many providing entertaining and trashy gameplay.

We are also influenced by such animated series as Rick and Morty, and as you have probably noticed, our team is fond of crazy things that make everyone laugh.

And a few words about our game's ambiance.

It is based on a profoundly designed lore with a post-apocalyptic origin. In a dystopian future, rampant pollution is wreaking havoc on the environment, poisoning water bodies, and saturating the planet with toxic, radioactive, and chemical substances. Humanity faces extinction, falling victim to the catastrophe it has brought upon itself. Amid the devastation, there is an unexpected turn of events - the emergence of resistant mutated worms. And here comes our heroes - daring, impatient, and ready to act at any moment to save our planet in the fight for $WOFR.

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